Did ya know your produce will re-grow?!

    I had never heard of the concept of re-growing store bought produce until I discovered Pinterest and created my first gardening board . I love plants, especially plants you can eat or that produce something you can eat! Follow Sherry’s board How my garden grows on Pinterest.   My husband is Vietnamese AND HE CAN… Continue reading Did ya know your produce will re-grow?!

Clean Eating

Dessert- it’s what’s for Breakfast

Ok not really, but after one sip of this delicious smoothie you’ll think that’s just what you had! After all the over indulging during this Thanksgiving Holiday I’m anxious to get back to my lighter, cleaner eating as well as adding a bit more exercise into my daily schedule. I don’t know about your family… Continue reading Dessert- it’s what’s for Breakfast

Clean Eating

Happy Halloween!

Now that my children are grown and away at school I find myself alone this Halloween. Although, I usually dress up in some costume or Holiday inspired attire I haven’t been to an actual costume party since I was in my early 20’s and YES! that was quite some time ago it seems! Well this… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Clean Eating

More Avocados and Eggs

Being raised in the deep south I never once saw an avocado grace my grandmother’s kitchen table.  In fact, I didn’t  know how to cut an avocado open much less how one tasted until well after I had moved away from home.  Well I’ve been making up for lost time in a big way!  I often slice one up to… Continue reading More Avocados and Eggs

Clean Eating

Yes, I “eat clean”. Let me explain…

I’m often asked by friends and acquaintances what diet plan I follow now that I’ve “publicized” that I am trying to lose weight. When I reply, “I eat clean” I get looks of confusion and more questions. What does eating clean mean? Well, first let me tell you, I’m not a personal trainer, dietician or expert… Continue reading Yes, I “eat clean”. Let me explain…


So close and yet, so far away!

This is Loui our 18lb. cat we adopted when my daughter, Alexandria, turned 14yrs. old. Alex fully named Loui; Fat Loui the XVI. No matter his weight and despite the fact that he was de-clawed (we thought he’d be an indoor only cat until he learned to use the dog door!) Still, Loui manages to… Continue reading So close and yet, so far away!